Sunday 9 December 2012

Grandma Series 2: Home Is Where The Crochet Is

I have already introduced you to Lola Viring last week (if you haven't "met" her yet, you must check out my blog entry here before proceeding) and promised to show you her crocheted home accents. Here they are!

Here is a crocheted pillow.
Table covers are also staples in her home.

Click the link below for more images of her work. A must click!

I found this one on her veranda.
This is my favorite. There's something really nice about crocheted pieces on wood. I guess that's why doilies or pieces like this one never go out of style. It just makes a plain table pretty.
And oh yes, she also has a crocheted curtain.
Crocheted accents to doorways or plain shelves add character and warmth to the home. It almost says, "Welcome!"
This one is attached to the altar.
It's so inspiring to see all these pieces! And this is only the start. Wait for my next blog entry on her crocheted doll dresses! She has dioramas of dolls wearing her crocheted pieces!!! Who does that nowadays?

Here's a sample.

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