Friday 22 February 2013

Hale Manna: The House Of Good Energy

My Moalboal getaway with friends last weekend is one for the books for me when it comes to crochet. We stayed in Hale Manna. "Hale" is the Hawaiian word for "house" or "home," while "Manna" means "good energy." Isn't it obvious that I am totally filled with good energy in this picture? :p Who wouldn't smile on a hammock by the beach with fresh air while holding a ball of yarn and hook? Gosh :p
This is where we stayed. This house is separate from the main house. It can actually fit 10+ people. Great for a barkada.
Welcome to Hale Manna :)
So many spots in the main house where people can just hangout. I can imagine having crochet gatherings here. There are even rocking chairs!!! Woot!
This place is a sanctuary. Just look at what you can see when you step outside.
I wasn't able to count how many huts there were outside. The garden is so spacious. There were times when we just slept on these outdoor beds because of the breeze and the sound of the waves. This is the place if you want to be a sloth :p I even had an outdoor massage in one of the huts.
This is Inspiration Point. The name speaks for this spot. I was told this is a favorite spot for proposals. Well, it's quite obvious why.

And now, some parting crocheting pics taken in Hale Manna :p I was able to finish crocheting the shawl a day before we left Cebu for Manila.

Inspiration Point.
On a bench facing the sea.
On a hammock. I just had to try it.
Here's a pretentious "I-fell-asleep-while-crocheting-on-a-hammock" pic. Of course I was just faking it :p Most likely, I would look like this if it actually happened.
I would like to thank my boyfriend, Rob, for taking these pics (and for not getting sick of taking pictures of me crocheting).

Hale Manna Beach Resort & Coastal Gardens
Saavedra, Moalboal, Cebu 6032
L: (032) 316-2603


  1. You're so cute hihi! Love the first and last photos <3 I wish I could also crochet wherever I go, like you :) Would love to meet you someday, your passion for crochet is amazing and very inspiring :) (I actually saw you once at the Craft World clearance sale, but got too shy to approach!)

    1. Thanks, Nike :) Nyak! You should have said hi! :p

  2. love your photos!, and love the place...
    sana you made a crocheted barefoot sandals na din.. :)
    I made one for my husband's niece, here is the link if you want to check it out.

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