Monday 29 April 2013

Baby Blankie With Red Heart® Baby TLC!

It's my first time working with Red Heart® Baby TLC Yarn. And wow, this yarn is soft. Rightly so since it's for babies. I checked out the "Shop Red Heart" site and found a description of this yarn:

"This light-weight yarn has a soft hand and shimmering luster that makes it great for blankets, sweaters, and booties for your special little one."

A skein of Baby TLC yarn is approximately 328m (358yds). Got excited to work with these 2 colors: Lilac (7555) and Powder Pink (5737). Of course, I went to the ever-reliable internet for free patterns to find out what I could do with these. I looked for patterns of baby blankies and I found this free one from Crochet Today! (click on the picture to go to the page with the download link for the free pattern):
Pattern by mayae published in Crochet Today! site:
I wanted the blankie to be simple so I got rid of the circle motifs around it. Yes, people, you don't have to follow the pattern (unless you really want it to look like that) :) I used my Susan Bates Silvalium® aluminum crochet hook (which you can pre-order here) size US H8 or 5.00mm for this.

Here's my version of the baby blankie. Ta-da!
I put my own little twist to it by interchanging colors for every 2 rows. The pattern is actually very simple: just HDCs (half double crochets) in every row! If you look up close, there's an added texture to the blanket.
It even looks knitted. The HDCs are crocheted interchangeably in the front and back loops of the preceding stitches (HDCs), thus the "ribbed" effect. This small difference in where to place the stitches is able to change the character of the entire blankie. This pattern is so simple, a beginner can make it.
This would make a lovely gift for a baby. I did this blankie within the span of a week (with breaks of course). If you're a pregnant mom and have lots of time, why don't you make one for your baby? (I'm not pregnant, by the way) :) It's a piece for keeps. The size achieved by crocheting 2 skeins of Red Heart® Baby TLC to make this blankie is 26in x 28in.

If you're curious on how this yarn really feels, feel free to drop by GIGI Coffee & Cupcakes in the Felina Corporate Plaza lobby in Eastwood (just beside the Citibank building) on May 4 & 11 (Sat), between 12NN-2PM. This is actually my free time between my 2 workshops on those days. I will have stocks of these Baby TLC yarn which you could also purchase on site. A text message informing me in advance of your visit would be greatly appreciated. You may reach me at (0906) 269-5192. You may also order this yarn from me and I can have it delivered to your place, just send me an email at

Available colors are: Lime, Lilac, Powder Pink, Powder Yellow, Powder Blue and White. You can check these colors in the swatches available here. A skein of Baby TLC is PhP 355.

There are also stores within Metro Manila that carry Red Heart® yarn. You might want to check the store nearest you to see if Baby TLC is available there. Go to this link for a list of these stores.

You may also pre-order a 6-pc. set of Susan Bates Silvalium® aluminum crochet hook from me here.

Sunday 28 April 2013

Talk About "Spoiled"

How could I have missed this out? I forgot to mention that on top of getting an awesome beginner's crochet kit, participants of my 2-Part crochet workshops this May 4 & 11 and May 25 & June 1 will get a free crochet book with different patterns! Of course, I'll be teaching you how to read them :)
I can still accommodate 1 participant in the AM and PM for the May 4 & 11 workshops. I have opened another series on May 25 and June 1 (AM only). To register, kindly read and fill up the form below:

Saturday 27 April 2013

Coffee, Cupcakes, & Crochet! 2nd Wave on May 25 and June 1!

There will be a 2nd Wave of the 2-Part Beginners' Crochet Workshop on May 25 and June 1! For those who cannot make it on the May 4 and 11 dates, this is your chance to join! Only the AM Batch (8:00 AM - 12:00 NN) is open for these dates.
Check out the awesome kit you will be getting if you join this workshop:
This workshop will take place at GIGI Coffee & Cupcakes in Eastwood City. While crocheting (or during breaks), you will be getting your own serving of GIGI's yummy cupcakes and coffee/tea.
Photo grabbed with permission from GIGI Coffee & Cupcakes' Facebook Page
To reserve a slot, fill up the registration form below. If you are bringing a friend (or friends), you both get P250 off from your individual workshop fees.

Friday 26 April 2013

Amigurumi Summer!

It's my second Amigurumi workshop this April. This one took place at Craft MNL. It was another "intimate" group of crocheters. 
There's something about seeing pics of crocheters crocheting. They just look so serious and intense :p Ynna, Raissa, and Anne picked up the "groove" of making Amigurumis in no time!
We were accompanied by Muymuy, my very first Amigurumi. He's awesome :p
Back to the scene.
Gotta have the fiberfill. A little can go a long way.
Keep crocheting, ladies! 

Tuesday 23 April 2013

To Crochet A Bridal Bouquet: Check!

I just turned over the bridal bouquet and boutonnieres for a lovely couple's wedding. Just like my previous wedding projects, I will only get to reveal the finished product (the bouquet) after the wedding on the 1st week of May. Here's what I can show you though :)
Turning over a project can be bittersweet. While you are able to put a smile on your client's face, you are also letting go. I am always thankful I am given opportunities like this one to work with and for people who appreciate what I can do and have faith in what I can deliver. It's been a year of firsts for me in crochet. I am looking forward to many more. 

Check out the bouquet when I was still starting to make it here.

Sunday 21 April 2013

Susan Bates® Hooks Are Coming To The Philippines!

It's official! Susan Bates® crochet hooks are coming to the Philippines! The shipment is literally on its way to the Philippines and they will arrive by end of May. They will be available for sale in June!

The first offering is a set of 6 pcs. of Silvalume® aluminum crochet hooks.
Here's a description of this special line of hooks from the Shop site:

"These hooks have the broadest size range within the Susan Bates family of hooks. Made of lightweight aluminum; each Silvalume hook undergoes a special anodizing process that etches away all surface impurities. In addition; each hook is heat treated for strength and durability and polished for a velvety smooth finish. Each size is color coded so you can find the size you need at a glance. Our famous in line head helps reduce wrist motion for fatigue free crocheting and helps you maintain a more consistent gauge."
The set already comes with this vinyl case. As you can see, one set includes the following sizes: US F5, G6, H8, I9, J10, and K10.5 (3.75mm, 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, 6.5mm). If you're curious about conversions, go to this link to check the different crochet hook sizes.

There is still no published price for this, but if you are eager to secure a set for yourself, you may already place a pre-order by filling up the form below. Those who pre-order will automatically be reserved a set and be notified of the price and payment details once they are available.

As a treat for those who pre-order, you get a free vintage issue of "Stich by Stich" magazine for every set you order! Each issue has 1 or 2 crochet patterns plus other patterns in knitting and sewing. What's good about their crochet segment in each issue is that they have visual guides on how certain crochet stitches are made for the featured crochet project.

Friday 19 April 2013

Official Crocheted Arrhae Pouch Pictures!

It always looks better when the official wedding photographer is the one taking the pictures :) These pictures were shared to me by the bride and being shown here with permission from her. The pouch on the right is the one I crocheted. Photography by Jaja Samaniego and pillows by Handmade Goodness.
Photography by Jaja Samaniego and pillows by Handmade Goodness
I love the color contrast between the brown pillow and the crocheted arrhae pouch. Looks so organic!
Photography by Jaja Samaniego and pillows by Handmade Goodness

Get a closer look of the crocheted pouch here.

Thursday 18 April 2013

Yummy Kit For My Workshop This May!

I started to assemble a sample kit for my 2-Part Beginners' Crochet Workshop on May 4 & 11.
And I must's looking pretty good!
Apart from the awesome yarn you will be getting from Red Heart® and Cannon®, you will be getting a pompom and tassel maker, a set of 12 hooks (see below), and important notions for every crocheter - like scissors and stitch markers (plus others). See that pretty case in the box? That's a special case for all your hooks and notions. Now that should make every crocheter giddy :) See the dangling crocheted earrings on the box? Yep, every participant also gets a special gift from me - a pair of crocheted earrings (well, if I get a guy participant, he can give it as a gift)!
Apart from also getting a set of patterns and crochet guides for beginners, participants also get to choose their own vintage "Stitch by Stitch" magazine. This magazine was published in the 70s and 80s (pretty much vintage, and rare!). Each issue has 1 or 2 crochet patterns plus other patterns in knitting and sewing. What's good about their crochet segment in each issue is that they have visual guides on how certain crochet stitches are made for the featured crochet project.
Now imagine yourself crocheting here.
As of today, I only have a few slots, in the AM and PM, remaining for this workshop. If you are bringing a friend (or friends), you both get P250 off from your individual workshop fee. If you're interested to join, please fill out this registration form:

Monday 15 April 2013

Boutonnieres Galore!!!

Just finished crocheting these boutonnieres for the entire male entourage of a coming wedding! See the leaves I featured in my previous post?!
The crocheted bridal bouquet will be revealed after the wedding! I'm super excited to share it but I have to hold myself back from doing so because the bride deserves to see it first :)

I also made a special boutonniere for the groom. Just like the bride's bouquet, it will be revealed after the wedding :)

Sunday 14 April 2013

Sometimes, Crochet Is Not Enough

Even if you think you used the right crochet hook with the type of thread that you have or even if you are confident enough with your crocheting skills, sometimes they just end up like these. These are crocheted leaves for boutonnieres for the male entourage of a wedding of a client (same client for the crocheted flower bouquet I am working on). The curling would have been ok if I was going for the "fallen leaves" kind of look. I want them sturdy and flat enough to be worn.
Thank you, secret substance.
Well, it's no secret's just starch :)
Cannot wait to show you the finished boutonnieres soon!

Thursday 11 April 2013

Another "Amigurumirized" Group

It was a very "intimate" Amigurumi workshop last April 7 at Fully Booked.
Ces, Tatin, and Helen are fast crocheters :)
See the iPad on the bottom right above? It's showing an App that shows a photo of the pattern and it enables you to put stitch markings on it! The App is called "Skitch." Super useful App if you want to mark your patterns without ruining the actual copy! Thanks for sharing this, Tatin!
Marielle of Craft MNL also joined the group in crocheting! Check out the doily she is currently working on.
Amigurumi usually gives this "instant gratification" when you get to finish a major part of the plushie like the head. You see the project slowly taking shape. I also like it when you're putting in the fiberfill already, because you know you're going somewhere! :)
Happy crocheting, ladies! Looking forward to seeing your next Amigurumi!
For those who missed this session, I will be having another Amigurumi Workshop on April 20 (Sat) at Craft MNL. Go to this link for more details.

Wednesday 10 April 2013

Raffle Alert! Win A Red Heart® Super Saver® Yarn and Susan Bates® Crochet Hook!

I am giving away these yummy items in a raffle!

You get a Red Heart® Super Saver® yarn (in case you are not familiar with this, this yarn is long - 333m long!) and a Susan Bates® Silvalume® Crochet Hook (size 5.5mm - a good hook for this yarn). If you are not familiar with the Silvalume® line of hooks, here's a description from the official Coats site:

"Designed for comfort, Silvalume crochet hooks feature our exclusive in-line crochet hook, which helps reduce wrist motion and helps you maintain a consistent gauge...."
This is how you can be eligible for the raffle:
1. Go to this LINK on my Facebook Page.
2. The link leads you to my workshop poster this May. Click "Share" AND...

...Make sure you include the following text on your status: "Gantsilyo Guru and Red Heart® bring you this beginners' crochet workshop this May! Click on the image for details."

....AND make sure you tag my Facebook Page, Crochet by the Gantsilyo Guru, in that status

4. A winner will be announced on May 6, 2013.
5. This raffle is only applicable to residents of the Philippines (well, even if you aren't, feel free to share it as well!).

Monday 8 April 2013

Participants And Their Works

Proud crochet teacher showing the students' works. Of course, credit all goes to them. They just got their kick-start from the crochet workshops they attended. Crochet takes a lot of practice. You have to try different projects to discover different techniques. As time goes by, the seeming presence of the hook and yarn on your hands disappears - you get so used to the motion of manipulating these tools that they become extensions of your own hands as instruments of creation.

Here are some of the works they have done.

These are Mercy and Lorn's versions of the "Cute Kitten" pattern from Annie Obaachan's book, "Super Cute: 25 Amigurumi Animals." They even added scarves to the kittens!
Pictures c/o Lorn Laanan and Mercy Iso
Kristina made her own original amigurumi!
Picture c/o Kristina Cabochan
Gigi crocheted a bag! Wow! I love the colors! The crochet designer of this bag is Lucy of Attic 24. Check out her site. She has lots of colorful crochet going on!
Original bag design by Lucy of Attic 24
Vickie is also working on the crocheted bag. She's also did some flowers!
I'm dying to see what former crochet workshop participants have already done! If you've attended my workshop, share your crochet progress by posting it on my Facebook Page!

Saturday 6 April 2013

All Hail The Counter App!

If you're a crocheter and you've done some projects already, you realize there's a lot of counting involved - from single stitches to rows and even to pieces of motifs. If you don't have some method of remembering, you tend to lose count. I've been quite old school when it comes to counting my stitches or rows.
That's how my small notebook looks like. Sometimes the numbers get interspersed with my notes (or the other way around). Sometimes I write them on tissue paper or on whatever medium there is on hand that can be written on (I even tried writing on my skin, just because I had nothing to write on). Then I realized how ugly my notebook has turned out. This is actually my pattern notebook. The back pages have been filled up with sticks. I didn't want to buy a stitch counter (yes, there is such a thing - check a sample here), because there is a big chance that I'll lose it (like losing a pen - it's a sickness). So I go where people go for guidance and wisdom - the App Store. I always have my iPad with me so it's practical to look for an App. My boyfriend Rob was the one who told me to look for an App. I said,  "Yeah right, the App store would have a stitch counter." 

Lo' and behold.
Well, it's not a legit stitch counter. I found authentic ones though, but they looked complicated (and some had to be bought). I saw this App called "Counter Pro." And it's making me happy :) I use the 2 counters. Basically the counter on top is for the number of stitches or rows I need to make and the one below shows my progress (how many I've done so far).
I also like that you can have a "clicking" sound every time you add (or deduct) a row (nothing significant, really...I just need some affirmation I've done progress :p). It's now there, a standalone on my iPad menu. Thank you, technology!

Wednesday 3 April 2013

Coffee, Cupcakes & Crochet! May 4 & 11 Crochet Workshop!

Gantsilyo Guru in partnership with Red Heart® and Cannon® Yarn bring you this 2-Part Crochet Workshop for Beginners called, "Coffee, Cupcakes & Crochet!"
This is my only basic crochet workshop for the summer in Manila. This is a workshop of 2 parts, meaning each participant will be attending 2 sessions. This will allow participants to get more guidance in crocheting and to get more tips as well on how to "level up" their crocheting skills.

And this is where we will be crocheting! Every time we crochet, we will be having cupcakes and coffee (or tea, if you prefer)!
Photos courtesy of GIGI Coffee & Cupcakes
Each participant will also get the awesomest crochet kit one could have for a workshop (just wait until I post a sample kit soon!). In it, you will get Red Heart® Acrylic Yarn, Cannon® Mercerized Cotton Yarn, scissors, tapestry needle, stitch markers, and patterns. AND a set of 12 pcs. of different-sized (and colored) crochet hooks! This is the set I'm talking about :)
Participants will also have the chance to win special yarn from Red Heart® in an exclusive raffle!

Want a slot secured? I will only be allowing 6 participants per batch. I want to make sure that I will be giving each one ample personal time for guidance :) Register now by filling up this form.