Thursday 28 February 2013

They Have Been Amigurumirized!!!

If there even is such a term :p

Day 2 of my hardcore crochet workshop with Craft MNL last weekend, Feb. 24, was the Amigurumi Workshop at Fully Booked. Look at all the yarn! There's also fiberfill (the stuffing) given to the participants. Each also gets a double-ended hook, scissors, eyes, stitch marker, tapestry needle, and patterns.
Usually, a crochet workshop starts like this. With excitement :p
A few minutes into the workshop, they're still excited, but then the excitement is contained by the intense focus being put into crocheting :p
The goal was to make an Amigurumi cat. Making the head already got them excited.
In this workshop, they got ideas on how they can create their own Amigurumi. They also learned how to attach the individual parts to each other.
You always get quiet moments during workshops because crocheting puts everyone "in the zone." You can also call it being inside the "crochet bubble."
Amigurumi is handmade love!
Sign courtesy of Craft MNL
Presenting the "Amigurumirized:" Hana, Kristina, Mars, Mercy, and Lorn! They looked really happy and eager to continue their Amigurumis when they get home.
Thank you for the bags, Craft MNL!
Check out my Facebook Page to see the plushies they have already done after attending the workshop!

Tuesday 26 February 2013

Back 2 Basics: Feb23 Basic Crochet Workshops

It was a full crochet day at Craft MNL last Saturday, Feb. 23, as I conducted 2 basic crochet workshops  for 16 ladies (still waiting for a man to show up!). For some, it was their first time holding a crochet hook while there were others who have not held it in years.
Teaching the AM class how to "hold" yarn. This could also pass as crochet's version of the "Vulcan Salute" :p
The wares. Each participant got her own crochet kit with yarn, double-ended steel hook, scissors, and patterns.
We had a full AM class. It was like crocheting with your own barkada. Check out some of the scenes from their session.
We had a group of 4 friends who joined (who also happened to be fellow "hermanas" from Poveda). There was also a knitter who wants to open up to crochet (unlike me, the other way around).
We also had moms in the group. There was even one who has a craft-supportive husband :) And don't forget their craft-supportive baby! Wah! So cute!
We had 7 participants in the PM workshop. They were all beginners! Except for one mother who accompanied her daughter. She's practically an expert crocheter!
There's nothing like crocheting with others. It's nice to be in the company of others who are as focused as you in crocheting :) I hope they make blankets out of those granny squares!
Welcome to the Rocking Chair Club, Ladies!!!
Crochet all the way!

Friday 22 February 2013

Hale Manna: The House Of Good Energy

My Moalboal getaway with friends last weekend is one for the books for me when it comes to crochet. We stayed in Hale Manna. "Hale" is the Hawaiian word for "house" or "home," while "Manna" means "good energy." Isn't it obvious that I am totally filled with good energy in this picture? :p Who wouldn't smile on a hammock by the beach with fresh air while holding a ball of yarn and hook? Gosh :p
This is where we stayed. This house is separate from the main house. It can actually fit 10+ people. Great for a barkada.
Welcome to Hale Manna :)
So many spots in the main house where people can just hangout. I can imagine having crochet gatherings here. There are even rocking chairs!!! Woot!
This place is a sanctuary. Just look at what you can see when you step outside.
I wasn't able to count how many huts there were outside. The garden is so spacious. There were times when we just slept on these outdoor beds because of the breeze and the sound of the waves. This is the place if you want to be a sloth :p I even had an outdoor massage in one of the huts.
This is Inspiration Point. The name speaks for this spot. I was told this is a favorite spot for proposals. Well, it's quite obvious why.

And now, some parting crocheting pics taken in Hale Manna :p I was able to finish crocheting the shawl a day before we left Cebu for Manila.

Inspiration Point.
On a bench facing the sea.
On a hammock. I just had to try it.
Here's a pretentious "I-fell-asleep-while-crocheting-on-a-hammock" pic. Of course I was just faking it :p Most likely, I would look like this if it actually happened.
I would like to thank my boyfriend, Rob, for taking these pics (and for not getting sick of taking pictures of me crocheting).

Hale Manna Beach Resort & Coastal Gardens
Saavedra, Moalboal, Cebu 6032
L: (032) 316-2603

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Crocheting. More Fun in the Philippines!

I couldn't help but have this on my beachy crocheting pic :) Proud to be Pinoy! I love my country!

Monday 18 February 2013

Outbound Crocheter: Crocheting In The Skies

I had one of the awesomest (extended) weekends ever! I spent it with friends to celebrate our friend's birthday. It was packed with adventure and we were, likewise, packed with sooooo much food! We stayed in one of the most beautiful resorts in Moalboal: Hale Manna (more on this in my next blog entry). It's paradise! I also had to take this opportunity to take my crochet to places! My first stop was the airport, of course. I checked in my crochet hook set and scissors but included in my hand-carry bag one aluminum crochet hook and ball of yarn, so I can crochet in the plane. I'm relieved it went through the checks!
That's me crocheting inside Terminal 2 while waiting for our boarding. I look really serious crocheting :p In the picture above, I just started making a grey shawl that was ordered from me by a friend.

Then here goes my proof in becoming part of the mile-high club for crocheters...
As you can see in the picture on the left, I started off very jolly and amused by the fact that I am actually crocheting in a plane :p Then I got a bit dizzy doing it :p You can obviously see that in the "after" picture on the right. I've always had problems reading in a moving vehicle, so I guess same goes for me when crocheting in a (flying) plane. Oh well, at least I tried!

Where was I headed off to? In paradise :p
I don't even know how to describe this place. It's just awesome :p I'll be telling you all about my crochet vacay and adventures in Moalboal in my next blog post!

Wednesday 13 February 2013

The Earrings Are Coming Out Of The Dark

So I recently unearthed some earrings I forgot about for years. Check the "unearthing" here.

And now they are coming out of the dark! Got the earring hooks on them already.
These earrings will be sold at the Made With Love: Valentine's Arts & Crafts Fair this Feb. 14-16.
You can find them at Booth No. 7: the joint booth of Life After Breakfast, Hey Kessy, and Artesanias Divertidas!
All of the earrings measure around 2 inches from side to side. There are only 1-2 pairs available for each design and color. Each pair goes for P200.
 Got the swirls here.
They are pretty light on the ears.
Hope you can check these babies out in the bazaar! This booth will also be selling washi tapes, journals, and other craft goodies!

Monday 11 February 2013

Block Party

It's a block party of sorts when you combine pretty blocks with pretty colors. I like pretty things. The result is a 3D block. Obviously, it's for babies or toddlers, but I just wanted to make one! Can't help it, especially when it involves many colors.
Pattern for this 3D block is from "Baby Crochet" book by Lois Daykin ("Building Blocks," p.15).
Aren't stuff for babies amazing!?!? You can apply these patterns on pillows, bedspreads, even clothes! I'm obsessed! There's the classic granny square and a triangle pattern.
There's a block with a cute star and also one with multi-colored stripes.
And of course, who wouldn't want a heart? There's also a block with wavy patterns.
I would like to thank my mom for sewing up the block for the filling. Although it's a chubby block and it looks like it's going to burst (and obviously our first attempt in making one :p), I think it is still awesome!

Check out the storage pots I crocheted by using patterns from the same book this 3D block came from by clicking this link.

Thursday 7 February 2013

Fo' Shawl!

I know summer's almost here, but you guys might have some use for a shawl. Malls can be cold. Offices can even be colder (especially if the airconditioner is centralized and you have no control over it). I have 2 colors available on sale right now. I made these myself. It's 101% handmade love!
If interested, please send me a private message at my Facebook Page: Crochet by the Gantsilyo Guru.
If you are interested to have the same shawl in a different color, let me know! This can be a made-to-order item.

Wednesday 6 February 2013

Workshop 5: Basic Crochet on Feb. 23 at Craft MNL

Our 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM session for this workshop is already full! BUT we have decided to open a morning session for those of you who are interested to join. It will be from 9:00 AM - 12:00 NN.

This workshop will be your introduction to basic crochet techniques.
It will also be our goal for you to finish a granny square at the end of the workshop. Even if takes some time for your hands to get used to the motion of manipulating the hook and yarn, it is possible for you to accomplish something :)

This is my only basic crochet workshop at Craft MNL for February. Check out some outtakes from my previous workshop last December 22 at Craft MNL here.

Workshop fee is P1,000. This is already inclusive of your very own crochet kit: 2 sets of acrylic yarn, 3 balls of mercerized cotton, double-ended steel hook, scissors, and patterns.

To register for this workshop, please go to this link

Craft MNL is at Unit Y, The Collective, 7274 Malugay St., Brgy. San Antonio, Makati City.
Map courtesy of Craft MNL
To see where The Collective is, check out its location on Google Maps here.

Tuesday 5 February 2013

At Home With Crochet: Workshop 2

I had another private workshop with the same group of ladies I had a workshop with last month (check the first session here). We also welcomed new company!
Our supplies for this session. Notice the folded spread on the left? That's the African Flower Bedspread I made last year! This is its home now. And I'm proud it belongs to a lovely family and home.
Those who attended the first session got so excited to crochet that they literally went to a yarn store and bought yarn and hooks right after our workshop. Raquel's one of the excited ones :) She is getting really good with crochet. In fact, after this session, she was able to crochet a big flower. And yes, that's her own personal yarn stash. I regret not being able to take pics of the other stuff she has already crocheted. She did a lot already!
Since attending the last session, Jacqueline has already started on an afghan for her daughter. She is also one of the brave ones to crochet in an airplane! She began this afghan in an airplane!
Looks like Luz is a budding crochet teacher as well. Check out what she already did since our first session. She definitely got hooked!
This is Tyzia and Christine working hard on their crochet. They're making granny squares!
I wish I had taken more pics! I always feel like I'm in a crochet bubble when I conduct my workshops and forget about documentation :p Here you can see the group in their own crochet bubbles.
My thanks to Tyzia for hosting this workshop in her place and for being uberly welcoming. I am formally welcoming Jacqueline, Angelique, Raquel, Christine, Mila, Luz, Jasmin, and Tyzia to the Rockin' Chair Club! Looking forward to seeing what you will be creating with crochet :)