Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Went On A Vacation In Bohol...But I Still Crocheted

My mom, brother, and I spent our long weekend in Bohol to celebrate my mom's 59th birthday. It's been quite some time since she had a good vacation, so we went all out for this one.

To start things off, we got this view from our balcony. This is the Panglao Room of Bohol Bee Farm. If the doors are open, this is the view you get when you wake up in the morning (because the bed is literally facing it). [Insert the sound of the trumpets of heaven]
I kid you not in saying that one of the first things I thought of was, "Where can I crochet?" It's been a fantasy of mine to crochet in a serene place where you can hear the birds chirp, the wind blow, and the sound of the sea waves envelop you. Yes, I found it. Here comes my serene crocheting pic on the balcony. I'm crocheting a shawl here.
Click the link to see more of Bohol Bee Farm (and my yarn in Bohol)!

Here's another spot on the balcony. Gawd. Look at this view. My yarn and hooks never looked so good :p
Here's another shameless picture of me...ummmm...my feet, with yarn strategically "looped" over it. Now this is what I call, yarn styling with nature as a backdrop :p
Ok, enough of me and my yarn (and the balcony). This was a vacation with my mom and brother.
We did the whole shebang of going through all the touristy spots. The food in Bohol Bee Farm was awesome, organic, healthy, and...awesome!!! The whole place is like having the homey home you never had. They have a bakery, an ice cream store, gardens full of herbs, chirping birds, buzzing friendly bees, and so much more.
Of course, I was on the lookout for crocheting spots. My friend Kaia gave the idea of having a "Gantsilyo Getaway" someday. Bohol Bee Farm would be perfect! I especially love their restaurant/cafe facing the sea.
Just some random shots of our trip. No Chocolate Hills or Tarsier here.
This vacation was all for my mom. Happy 59th! Almost a senior citizen, but doesn't look like one at all :)


  1. Been to bohol three times but missed the Bee Farm. Would love to see visit there too

    1. Yeah! You should, highly recommended! Also nice to buy pasalubong from their store like their spreads, soaps, and cassava chips - all made within their farm.

  2. Were you able to crochet at the airport?

    1. I wasn't able to :p got super scared that my hook will be confiscated coz it's aluminum, so i just packed my hooks inside my check-in luggage.

  3. Hi! I love reading your blog posts especially this post because my roots are from Bohol and I didn't realize how beautiful Bohol Bee Farm accommodations are even though I'm such a big fan of their food.

    But, what I'm really happy about is learning that there are a lot of dedicated crafters in the Philippines. :) The last time I went home, I was completely, in the dark about where to find yarns and notions and I almost always didn't have time going around Divisoria and Quiapo to look for my potential yarn source. It never crossed my mind or ever knew that there's a crafting store in SM Megamall! I used to live in Pinagbuhatan, Pasig while in college.

    Thank you for making crochet hip and cool!:) You're awesome!

    By the way, my name is Yeye and I'm a crafter like you:)

    1. Hi Yeye! Same here, I didn't know how beautiful it was until I stayed there :) Thank you for your kind words. It's inspiring to hear feedback from those who get to read my blog. Watch out for a yarn store we have in the works! :)

    2. That sounds great! Does it save me time from scouting around congested Divisoria for good yarns?:D

      The next time I'll be in Pinas(maybe December or January of next yr), I'll check out CraftMNL too! It's a place to lounge around with your projects too, isn't it?

    3. Yes! Haha. It'll be online! Drop by and visit Craft MNL. I only get to be there during my workshops, but they offer other workshops as well and have some craft supplies on sale at their place. You can check out their website: http://craftmnl.com/

  4. Woohoo! All the better if it's an online store!

    I will surely take a look at Craft MNL and see what they have in stock for supplies. Thanks for the tip, Trey!:D