Wednesday, 8 May 2013

They Got Hitched With A Crocheted Bouquet & Boutonnieres!

I don't even need to describe how wonderful these pictures are! The groom is Adrian and the bride is Rose. I am blessed to be part of their special day through the work I do. This project for me is one for the books.

I would like to thank Adrian and Rose and Paul Vincent Photography for allowing me to post these beautiful pictures.
The bride, Rose.
So far, I've thought of three advantages to having a crocheted bouquet. It doesn't wilt, therefore it will always look like that, and as the bride you will have that as a keepsake to remind you of that special day. You can apply your own scent to it. And it will never give you any allergic reaction. Oh, there's a fourth! It can be a good accent to your home! Won't it look lovely on a vase?!?
The groom, Adrian. And his posse. Adrian is wearing his crocheted boutonniere here. Of course, his is different from the male entourage.
The male entourage and their crocheted boutonnieres. Check out the boutonnieres up close here.
Rose on her way down the aisle. She is wearing a Veluz creation.
The bouquet's so pretty Adrian wanted to hold it (just kidding). Love the lighting background!
Cheers, Rose and Adrian!!! 

See the bouquet up close here.

Photo Credits:
Paul Vincent Photography


  1. the crochet bouquet is so pretty...I wish I could've thought of that when I got married :)

    1. Thanks! For your 50th wedding anniv na lang! :) Haha.

  2. too bad the bride didn't go for the traditional bouquet toss.. makikipag-balyahan talaga ako for this. hahaha ;)

  3. It's really pretty. Quite awhile back there was a foreign blogger who had a bouquet project too. Alas wala pang Pinterest nun so I don't know where to find her na. hehe

  4. wow!!!!!!! beautiful! :)

    i am a bride to be.. hope you can share your patterns to me as i am planning to have a crocheted bouquet as well and been looking for patterns all over the internet.

    1. Hi Riza! I'm still thinking if I should sell the pattern after I organize the writing :) You can check out this pattern for now:

  5. Thanks Trey! I already started creating crocheted flowers.. somehow they look like flowers like a yellow bell and rose. :)