Wednesday 5 December 2012

Crocheted Beanies and Headbands with My Story Photography

This is somewhat my "soft launch" for my made-to-order crocheted beanies and headbands for babies and kids.

My Story Photography captured all these images of (uberly cute) baby Lima Bean wearing my crocheted pieces. Warning: You might experience an overdose of cuteness here. 
Lima Bean is wearing a white headband piece with a medium-sized flower. Photo courtesy of My Story Photography.
Adorbz. These flowers are detachable from the headband or beanie. They have clips on them so you can interchange flowers (using the same headband or beanie) to get different looks. You can even clip them directly to your kid's hair.
Lima Bean is wearing light khaki (left) and white (right) headband pieces with the large flower (left) and the small flower (right). Photo courtesy of My Story Photography.
Her cuteness makes you want to cry. She wore this beanie for the longest time during the shoot and probably forgot she was wearing one. The yarn used is soft and won't leave any marks on your baby.
Lima Bean is wearing a fuschia beanie with a large flower. Photo courtesy of My Story Photography.
More beanies with Lima Bean!
Lima Bean is wearing lime (left) and light khaki (right) beanies both with large flowers.
Photo courtesy of My Story Photography.
Yep, she even played with the flowers. The colors seemed to have gotten a lot of her attention.
Photo courtesy of My Story Photography.
I am already accepting orders for the beanies and headbands. They are sold in sets. To get more information on these, please click this link which will direct you to my Facebook album.


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