Tuesday 29 July 2014

You Know You're Addicted To Crochet When You...

How do you know if you're addicted to crochet? Well, here's my list!

Or I may just be describing myself here.
  • Have tons of yarn in your Wish List. Just because.
  • Bring it anywhere! In the airport, in the car, at work, in the salon, during your vacation, and possibly even during a date (?)
  • Have skipped a meal because...you were crocheting
  • Tell yourself you'll stop after this row or round but end up making 10 more rows or rounds before you actually stop
  • Have a bag that has at least a hook and/or a skein/ball of yarn
  • Think yarn hoarding actually means only "collecting" or "preparing" for a future project
  • Know the etymology of the word "crochet"
  • Have at least two of these sites bookmarked in your browser: Moogly, Ravelry, Petals to Picots, Red Heart, Yarnspirations, Crochet Crowd, Etsy, Interweave, Crochet Geek, Crochet Pattern Central, etc. 
  • Are already used to doing it in public (alone) and don't care what other people think when they see you
  • Take your coffee with your crochet (or the other way around). [This is another topic that can take up a whole blog entry for me]
  • Have that "ability" to see the "potential" in every yarn
  • Count how many skeins or balls of yarn your meal could buy
  • Have more yarn in your stash than clothes in your closet
  • Consider a bad day to be the absence of crochet
  • Can easily spot in less than a second the "prodigal" stitch in a project
  • Can crochet with your eyes closed (yes, it can be done)
  • Already know your crocheting angle in pictures [insert vain crocheting picture here]
  • Always have to post your latest work online and say, "Fresh off the hook!"
  • Know the difference between a Hamanaka and a Clover or a Susan Bates and a Boye
  • Already have your own yarn swatches
  • Begin to worry about carpal tunnel
  • Are actually considering getting a rocking chair
  • Have 2-3 different kinds of hooks...of the same size!
  • Look forward to the weekend because you can stay at home and crochet (and probably not socialize)
  • Have more WIPs than finished projects
  • Have worn a head lamp to try to crochet in the dark (or use a lighted crochet hook)
  • Have crocheted at least 1 of each type of project: coaster, doily, shawl/scarf, blouse, afghan, bedspread, amigurumi
  • Are already thinking of your next project while crocheting another one 
  • Automatically daydream of crocheting when you see the sight of rain (or better yet, jump into it right away)
  • Make a list like this :p