Tuesday 25 December 2012

Crafty Bedroom for 2013!

Hope you guys have been enjoying the holidays. I have been quite preoccupied fulfilling a goal before the year ends...and that is to finally have my own craft room. It's more of a new bedroom with more space for my crochet and of course, yarn.

Let me show you first how my past rooms looked.

This was my bedroom when I was in college. It was already 2000 but I wanted to keep the 90s alive. I was going for that kind of room Janeane Garofalo's character in Reality Bites would probably like. Yeah, I like purple. And yes, I had my own landline. Whatup!
I had that room until 2009, I think (I had a hard time letting go). I had way too much stuff so I had to upgrade to a bigger space on our 3rd floor.

I went for a more "unflashy" look. Less angst. More order and calm. Apologies for the poor pic quality, by the way. Unfortunately, only my lame camera phone had pics of this room before I dismantled it.
Then I became serious with crochet. This room is facing the side of the busy street in front of our house. It's been accumulating too much dust. This kind of environment will not be good if I decide to display all my yarn and crafty materials. I will be spending too much time cleaning my stuff if I decide to allocate a craft space in it. So I did what any big sister would do - bully her younger brother to switch rooms with her. Just kidding.

I asked my brother Gerald if it was ok if I switched rooms with him because his room is facing the nice and "clean" side of our house. He said yes, of course. I will be spending more time in my room than he with his, so it was a practical decision on both our parts. He got my aircon though. His aircon is older than my aircon by about, erm, 10 years I think. Well, it's a fair trade off.

This is his room. Typical dude kind of room.
So this is where I am now with my renovation.
I've pretty much figured out the colors I want for this. I think I can have all of this done before the year ends. 2013 is looking pretty good.

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  1. Your brother is real nice for letting you trade rooms with him, mine never would. Good luck with setting up your new room, hope it turns out just the way you have imagined.