Monday 17 December 2012

Amigurumi Love! The Juice Is Worth The Squeeze

I had a blast last Dec. 15 at the Amigurumi Workshop held in Craft MNL with Christine, Daff, Vera, and Angela. I welcomed back Christine and Daff from the Basic Crochet Workshop last Oct. 27 and met new fellow rocking chair gals Vera and Angela.
We practiced on a pattern for a simple plushie (see picture below, right). Of course, Muymuy was there to give some boost of inspiration. 
It was my goal to teach them the basics of Amigurumi so they can design their own eventually. The crochet kits provided have enough materials for them to make more Amigurumis. A kit also includes Amigurumi essentials like fiberfill, a tapestry needle, googly eyes, and buttons.
Christine, Daff, Vera, and Angela hard at work. 
I would also like to show off what Christine crocheted between our last basic workshop and now. She is almost done with a scarf (ugh, wasn't able to take a close-up pic). She also made an uber cool crochet hook case! Yep, that's her own work! Clap clap clap! I love her color combo for the case. I want one!
Despite the heavy traffic due to the holiday weekend rush (and the busy season in general), they still made time for crochet! Thank you and congrats, fellow rocking chair gals! I also want to wish Daff the very best for her little angel next month :) Easy on the Amigurumis, Daff! :p


  1. Oooh I haven't posted my kitten, and the puppy I made after the workshop yet. I had fun! Parang I want to take the basic crochet class na din? haha :)

    1. Verraaaaa!!! Share your finished work in my Crochet by the Gantsilyo Guru FB page! I'm excited to see! :)