Monday 11 March 2013

It's On A Cake!

Here's proof that they look even more amazing on a cake (clap clap clap)!
I wanted to cry when I saw it on the cake! It's like seeing your own baby after giving birth (although I wouldn't really know exactly how that feels).
I was so relieved to see that the size of my dolls and wooden base fit the cake. I was given the dimensions but it was only during the reception that I saw the cake. Glorious! It was fitting to have a "grand" cake topper because the cake was simple. Suffice to say, the cake topper was the "main attraction."
I was so giddy I forgot to take a pic of the newlyweds, Gino and Tin, with the cake....and with me! Tsk. Another documentation fail! But the pic above is my closest pic with them and the cake (yep, they're the ones on the screen behind the cake). They're a lovely and stylish couple!

The theme of their wedding is travel. Check out the awesome reception.
The proud crocheter and her creation. Parting is such sweet sorrow! I will miss these dolls!
Wow, I didn't realize I had messy hair. Oh well :p

If you are interested to have your own customized wedding cake topper, let me know! Just message me at my Facebook Page or send me an email at

Go to this link to see how these dolls looked like when I was working on them.


  1. What a wonderful wedding and you did an awesome job on the cake topper!

  2. it really looks nice on top of the cake

  3. Everything shared in your post from cake to table arrangements seem to be extremely expensive. Customization according to preferences of customers is available at many wedding venues in our city. But I am sure nothing can beat the outstanding services provided at my brother's reception couple of months ago.