Tuesday, 29 July 2014

You Know You're Addicted To Crochet When You...

How do you know if you're addicted to crochet? Well, here's my list!

Or I may just be describing myself here.
  • Have tons of yarn in your Wish List. Just because.
  • Bring it anywhere! In the airport, in the car, at work, in the salon, during your vacation, and possibly even during a date (?)
  • Have skipped a meal because...you were crocheting
  • Tell yourself you'll stop after this row or round but end up making 10 more rows or rounds before you actually stop
  • Have a bag that has at least a hook and/or a skein/ball of yarn
  • Think yarn hoarding actually means only "collecting" or "preparing" for a future project
  • Know the etymology of the word "crochet"
  • Have at least two of these sites bookmarked in your browser: Moogly, Ravelry, Petals to Picots, Red Heart, Yarnspirations, Crochet Crowd, Etsy, Interweave, Crochet Geek, Crochet Pattern Central, etc. 
  • Are already used to doing it in public (alone) and don't care what other people think when they see you
  • Take your coffee with your crochet (or the other way around). [This is another topic that can take up a whole blog entry for me]
  • Have that "ability" to see the "potential" in every yarn
  • Count how many skeins or balls of yarn your meal could buy
  • Have more yarn in your stash than clothes in your closet
  • Consider a bad day to be the absence of crochet
  • Can easily spot in less than a second the "prodigal" stitch in a project
  • Can crochet with your eyes closed (yes, it can be done)
  • Already know your crocheting angle in pictures [insert vain crocheting picture here]
  • Always have to post your latest work online and say, "Fresh off the hook!"
  • Know the difference between a Hamanaka and a Clover or a Susan Bates and a Boye
  • Already have your own yarn swatches
  • Begin to worry about carpal tunnel
  • Are actually considering getting a rocking chair
  • Have 2-3 different kinds of hooks...of the same size!
  • Look forward to the weekend because you can stay at home and crochet (and probably not socialize)
  • Have more WIPs than finished projects
  • Have worn a head lamp to try to crochet in the dark (or use a lighted crochet hook)
  • Have crocheted at least 1 of each type of project: coaster, doily, shawl/scarf, blouse, afghan, bedspread, amigurumi
  • Are already thinking of your next project while crocheting another one 
  • Automatically daydream of crocheting when you see the sight of rain (or better yet, jump into it right away)
  • Make a list like this :p

Thursday, 26 June 2014

A Summer of Crochet Love

Where did summer go?!

Summer is officially over and what a season it was for crochet! I held 7 crochet workshops in various locations in Metro Manila.
Pretty granny squares from one of my basic crochet workshops!
And here are the new "hookers" of Summer 2014! I held a workshop at Designer Blooms Cafe in Alabang last March 22.
There were 3 basic crochet workshops in Pipino Vegetarian in Quezon City. This one was last March 29.
The May 11 group!
It was also on this day where we had a Craft Pop-Up! Of course, I had my trunk full of yarn!
And just recently, last June 21.
There was also a basic crochet workshop at Pino/Pipino in Makati last April 27.
I also taught the basics of Tunisian Crochet in 2 workshops last April 26 and May 24.
This was a session held in GIGI Coffee & Cupcakes in Eastwood.
We did a couple of swatches of basic Tunisian Crochet stitches in these workshops.
If you are interested to join any of my crochet workshops, you can check out my calendar HERE. You can click the links below to be directed to the registration forms:

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

266 Pieces. Done.

I am finally done crocheting all 266 motif pieces of the queen-sized bedspread I started last year. And this is how I monitored my count.

One word. Excel.

I am a sucker for Excel. You can organize anything on Excel, so I decided to plan my motif layout for this bedspread on it. Thing is, all the motifs on this project have the same design and only use the same 6 colors on each piece - so why have a layout? I had to make sure the order of the colors on each piece doesn't have the same order as the one beside it. The seemingly random look this bedspread has was planned. I am very detail-oriented, and it pretty much reflects on my choices for my crochet projects.

Excel also helped me monitor how many motifs I have made so far and whether or not I was doing the right number of this certain motif with a specific color order. 
Oh yes, I am O.C. that way. All I need to do now is to sew all of them together. The sewing part is not exactly what I am looking forward to, but it must be done. I hope to post the finished bedspread soon!