Wednesday 22 May 2013

Back In Cebu! There's Crochet, Of Course!

Halloooooo, Cebu!
This "font string" was made with a chain and slip stitches on both sides of the chain to make it thick
I was in Cebu with friends this past weekend to celebrate the marriage of our friends, Charles and Grace.
Their reception was held in an islet in Maribago Bluewater Resort. We were transported by this big raft to get to this place. The venue was a reflection of this couple's quirky and creative personalities. The tables were adorned by painted flowers and salt rocks! Don't even ask how we figured out if these were indeed salt rocks - it was a toss up between salt or allum ("tawas" in Tagalog). See the neon lights by the shore forming CBGB? That's the couple's initials! I love it! It's like fate! CBGB was this rad music club in New York City that featured a lot of punk institutions like the Ramones and Patti Smith when they were still starting. It fits the couple's good taste in music :p
We "took advantage" of this time in Cebu to get some break. It was my first time to stay in Mactan.
Of course, what would a vacation be without crochet?!?
Even in the airport, I had crochet in mind! The picture on the left shows my relief when my aluminum Hamanaka crochet hook got through the final security check for our flight to Cebu. The one on the right is me crocheting while waiting for our flight back to Manila. I am working on a chevron afghan right now. I'm super excited to show the finished product soon!
Before leaving Cebu, I visited ANTHILL Fabric Gallery. ANTHILL is a creative social enterprise and a lifestyle store. They showcase indigenous fabrics from all over the Philippines and Asia. There's also something brewing between Gantsilyo Guru and ANTHILL :) Watch out for this!
Check out my other crochet adventures in Moalboal (Cebu) and Bohol.

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