Tuesday 19 March 2013

The Big Reveal 2: Crocheted Arrhae Pouch

Last weekend, my good friends Pao and Chat got married. When I found out about their engagement before, I told Chat to think about what I can crochet for their wedding. I declined when she asked me to crochet her wedding dress :p Just kidding, she didn't ask me to do that (even if she did, I would still refuse to crochet one - it's too hardcore).

She asked me to crochet an arrhae pouch. What a brilliant idea!

And here it is!
This is a vintage pattern. Unfortunately, I cannot name the exact source of the pattern because I was only shown the picture :) I've seen this design in a vintage magazine once.
I will be posting pics of this pouch during the wedding once I get them :) I want to thank my mom for making the lining and sewing it to the pouch.
I can't wait to see the official photos! This was placed on a burlap pillow. I love how the burlap provided a good contrast to the white pouch. It looked so organic and eco-chic! :)


  1. Sooo beautiful! This one is for keeps, and is surely going to be a family heirloom to be passed on from mom to future daughter and so on...

  2. Wow this is gorgeous! You just gave me an idea for a wedding gift for my sister-in-law this November :)


  3. i would love love love to have a pattern for this...