Thursday 28 February 2013

They Have Been Amigurumirized!!!

If there even is such a term :p

Day 2 of my hardcore crochet workshop with Craft MNL last weekend, Feb. 24, was the Amigurumi Workshop at Fully Booked. Look at all the yarn! There's also fiberfill (the stuffing) given to the participants. Each also gets a double-ended hook, scissors, eyes, stitch marker, tapestry needle, and patterns.
Usually, a crochet workshop starts like this. With excitement :p
A few minutes into the workshop, they're still excited, but then the excitement is contained by the intense focus being put into crocheting :p
The goal was to make an Amigurumi cat. Making the head already got them excited.
In this workshop, they got ideas on how they can create their own Amigurumi. They also learned how to attach the individual parts to each other.
You always get quiet moments during workshops because crocheting puts everyone "in the zone." You can also call it being inside the "crochet bubble."
Amigurumi is handmade love!
Sign courtesy of Craft MNL
Presenting the "Amigurumirized:" Hana, Kristina, Mars, Mercy, and Lorn! They looked really happy and eager to continue their Amigurumis when they get home.
Thank you for the bags, Craft MNL!
Check out my Facebook Page to see the plushies they have already done after attending the workshop!

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