Tuesday 26 February 2013

Back 2 Basics: Feb23 Basic Crochet Workshops

It was a full crochet day at Craft MNL last Saturday, Feb. 23, as I conducted 2 basic crochet workshops  for 16 ladies (still waiting for a man to show up!). For some, it was their first time holding a crochet hook while there were others who have not held it in years.
Teaching the AM class how to "hold" yarn. This could also pass as crochet's version of the "Vulcan Salute" :p
The wares. Each participant got her own crochet kit with yarn, double-ended steel hook, scissors, and patterns.
We had a full AM class. It was like crocheting with your own barkada. Check out some of the scenes from their session.
We had a group of 4 friends who joined (who also happened to be fellow "hermanas" from Poveda). There was also a knitter who wants to open up to crochet (unlike me, the other way around).
We also had moms in the group. There was even one who has a craft-supportive husband :) And don't forget their craft-supportive baby! Wah! So cute!
We had 7 participants in the PM workshop. They were all beginners! Except for one mother who accompanied her daughter. She's practically an expert crocheter!
There's nothing like crocheting with others. It's nice to be in the company of others who are as focused as you in crocheting :) I hope they make blankets out of those granny squares!
Welcome to the Rocking Chair Club, Ladies!!!
Crochet all the way!


  1. Hi Trey! I grabbed some of the photos ah. Memento. :) BTW, I finished na my first ever granny square! Posted on my FB page. Super happy!

    1. Congrats, Anisa! No problemo! Hope you can post the granny square you did on the wall of my FB crochet page :) It was nice meeting you!!!