Tuesday 5 February 2013

At Home With Crochet: Workshop 2

I had another private workshop with the same group of ladies I had a workshop with last month (check the first session here). We also welcomed new company!
Our supplies for this session. Notice the folded spread on the left? That's the African Flower Bedspread I made last year! This is its home now. And I'm proud it belongs to a lovely family and home.
Those who attended the first session got so excited to crochet that they literally went to a yarn store and bought yarn and hooks right after our workshop. Raquel's one of the excited ones :) She is getting really good with crochet. In fact, after this session, she was able to crochet a big flower. And yes, that's her own personal yarn stash. I regret not being able to take pics of the other stuff she has already crocheted. She did a lot already!
Since attending the last session, Jacqueline has already started on an afghan for her daughter. She is also one of the brave ones to crochet in an airplane! She began this afghan in an airplane!
Looks like Luz is a budding crochet teacher as well. Check out what she already did since our first session. She definitely got hooked!
This is Tyzia and Christine working hard on their crochet. They're making granny squares!
I wish I had taken more pics! I always feel like I'm in a crochet bubble when I conduct my workshops and forget about documentation :p Here you can see the group in their own crochet bubbles.
My thanks to Tyzia for hosting this workshop in her place and for being uberly welcoming. I am formally welcoming Jacqueline, Angelique, Raquel, Christine, Mila, Luz, Jasmin, and Tyzia to the Rockin' Chair Club! Looking forward to seeing what you will be creating with crochet :)


  1. Nice.I'm envious! Hope you hold a workshop somewhere in Pasig/QC/Marikina area so I can attend.

    1. Hi! A workshop is currently being cooked up this April in QC! Will be giving updates in my blog soon! :)