Sunday 3 February 2013

I Yarn Bombed My Mannequin (Sort Of)

I got this second hand half-body mannequin so I can "stylishly" hang my scarves. I love scarves. They make my plain self look "stylish."
I wasn't able to take a pic of the "before" look of the mannequin. The stand was steel and the base was rusty and it had this black cover on it. I gave it a makeover. I spray-painted the stand and because I love yarn, I incorporated it in this makeover. So I wrapped the entire black cover of the base with a multicolored yarn. The yarn was perfect because its strands were thick so it gave me a lot of coverage. No crocheting here though. I just simply wrapped it.
Makes me think of yarn bombing the entire mannequin. When I find time to do so, I will :p
Gosh, yarn always amazes me!

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