Sunday 3 March 2013

You Can't Go Wrong With Vintage Crochet

I just started the grueling task of organizing my "crochet library." I began with my vintage crochet magazines and patterns. I'm placing them inside plastic fillers so they're protected. And because I'm O.C., I have different binders to cater to different categories like home accents, wearables, and others :) It can be therapeutic, you know.
These pieces, in particular, are from the 1950s. Guess what crochet newbies, the patterns you see in those cool (expensive) colorful crochet books might just be taken from old patterns. I think most patterns out there are based on old designs. They're just "updated." If you really want to practice crochet, try learning vintage patterns. It can get you places :)
If your grandma or mom crocheted, try going through her library. She might have a vintage crochet book or magazine hidden somewhere there.


  1. Inggit ako. Kahit sa scrapbooking may mga vintage ephemeras. Dont have any. :P

  2. Wow! Nakakainggit naman! My grandma did not have those as she was not into crocheting.