Monday 11 February 2013

Block Party

It's a block party of sorts when you combine pretty blocks with pretty colors. I like pretty things. The result is a 3D block. Obviously, it's for babies or toddlers, but I just wanted to make one! Can't help it, especially when it involves many colors.
Pattern for this 3D block is from "Baby Crochet" book by Lois Daykin ("Building Blocks," p.15).
Aren't stuff for babies amazing!?!? You can apply these patterns on pillows, bedspreads, even clothes! I'm obsessed! There's the classic granny square and a triangle pattern.
There's a block with a cute star and also one with multi-colored stripes.
And of course, who wouldn't want a heart? There's also a block with wavy patterns.
I would like to thank my mom for sewing up the block for the filling. Although it's a chubby block and it looks like it's going to burst (and obviously our first attempt in making one :p), I think it is still awesome!

Check out the storage pots I crocheted by using patterns from the same book this 3D block came from by clicking this link.

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