Monday 21 January 2013

Lo and Behold, I Have More Crocheted Earrings!

When I was in the middle of renovating my room, I had to transfer this cabinet that had my books and trinkets in it. I also had to remove some stuff before moving it from the old room to the new room to reduce weight for easier lifting.
I picked up one of the small boxes and opened it just to check what was inside. Then I got surprised.
Just the sight of what was inside the small opening was reason enough for my heart to skip a beat :p Lo and behold, I still have those crocheted earrings I made years ago! I thought I had given or sold them!
I guess work got in the way that's why I forgot about them. I have so much! I think I have more or less 20 pairs in this box!
These earrings are smaller than my "Cant Wait For Summer" earrings. After selling out those earrings, I guess I have more to sell now! I will be posting details soon here in my blog and my Facebook page.
Gawd, these things I crocheted before just pop out of nowhere!


  1. Nice! :) Surprises from the past can actually be a good thing! Haha!

  2. Do you spray corn starch solution to stiffen them?