Wednesday 9 January 2013

Baby Maya + Crochet = Super Adorbz!!!

This is adorable baby Maya wearing my crocheted headband and flower accent. Believe it or not, it's because of her that I decided to crochet baby headbands and beanies :) Thank you, Louie Arcilla of *nyaps for the lovely pictures! This is definitely not your average baby picture :)
She's too cute!
Reminds you of an Anne Geddes picture, noh?
The crocheted headband and flower is definitely not getting in the way of her sleeping :)
She's too cute. Yeah, I said that earlier already :p
 Again, I would like to thank Louie Arcilla of *nyaps for the wonderful pictures. Of course, my thanks also goes to Maya and Marga! Great job! She's a pro! :)

Also, check out baby Lima Bean having fun wearing my crocheted pieces here!

For orders, proceed to this link for details.

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