Friday 18 January 2013

Ate Fely: The Craft World Rockstar

I made this pink shawl for a very special lady.
She's the infamous Ate Fely of the Craft World garage sale! Ever since I featured the garage sale on my blog, she has been receiving a gazillion texts from crafters wanting to go to Craft World. She's that small lady, with the loud voice, who answers your questions on all the items for sale - what this thing is for or what this tool does. I enjoy her stories of crafting adventures back in the day when Craft World used to have branches in different locations. When they would conduct many workshops. When they would assemble all those kits so people can easily learn a new craft.  I learned a lot from her stories and I always enjoy her company every time I visit the garage sale. I usually stay longer (and spend much more) than planned just because she has something to say for every item I ask about.
I gave this shawl as a thank you gift to her. It just so happened that I gave this a day after her birthday.
When I came to this place last October, the garage was overflowing with stuff.
October 2012
It's been almost 3 months since I discovered this store and you can see now how much has been sold.
January 2013
The difference might not be noticeable in the pictures above, because all the items stored in the other room were already moved up front. Check out the room I'm talking about.
See the difference?!?! So many have gone to this store since then. I'm glad a lot benefited from this sale. I hope the legacy of crafting from Craft World continues to thrive in all of us! There are still a number of items for sale. They still have so many of those kits. They will only close until supplies last or until the place itself is sold in the market. Find time to visit this place if you haven't been!
Check out my feature on the Craft World garage sale here.


  1. hi ms. trey! i've been there and i admit kahit hindi related sa crochet napabili talaga ko. and ung mga nabili ko, i never think of reselling kc naka-set na yung mind ko na i will use all of them hanggat kaya kong mag-gantsilyo.salamat po sa pag-post about craft world.

    1. Halloo! Pareho tayo! I bought stuff there too not related to crochet at all. I bought them din coz I'll never get good deals like those. Happy crafting :)

  2. Hello Ganstilyo Guru! Is the store still open? :o

    1. Hello! It's still open on Saturdays, but better to contact Ate Fely before going to check the remaining items on sale. You can reach her at: 0930-5391124