Saturday 5 January 2013

My Bedspread On An Actual Bed

Thank you, Tyzia (of Noah's Nest), for taking this beautiful picture of the bedspread I made on an actual bed! 
There's no such thing as a color overload when they all look so good together!
Check out my previous post on my bedspread here.


  1. Just amazing! what beautiful coloursand what a stunning amount of work in there!!!!!!!!

  2. ang ganda! nag iisip din ako ng ganitong project pero iniisip ko pa lang parang di ko kaya. LOL
    i'm browsing your online store by the way for an upcoming project. :)


  3. Amazing! :) May I ask how long does it usually take to do the bedspread and how much if we had it customized? Thanks! :)