Tuesday 18 September 2012

Spotted: Marc Jacobs Crocheted Shawl

I saw this Marc Jacobs ad in Greenbelt 4 and noticed the crocheted shawl on the model.
So my first impression was, "Tsk, I can do that." Well yeah, I can. It's mostly just double crochet stitches - nothing complicated. I checked out the Marc Jacobs site (Fall 2012 Collection) to see how much it costs.

Did you see the price?!?! $1,800!!!! With the current exchange rate, that's around PhP75,000!!!
Picture cropped from Marc Jacobs Website
Maybe the yarn used is expensive, but dang, that is one expensive shawl. It's a given that you have the Marc Jacobs label on it and I guess that adds value to it. If it didn't have the label, it would probably be just some shawl.

But kudos to this. It highlights the value of handmade material. Premium must be paid for something handmade...even if it's just a shawl :)

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