Wednesday 5 September 2012

"Hooked for Life:" A Book on One's Passion for Crochet

Every time I visit a bookstore, my first stop is always the Crafts Section to look for crochet books. When I say "crochet books," I mean books that have crochet patterns in it. I mean, what else do you expect but crochet patterns, right? Someone writing an autobiographical account of her passion for crochet? 

Then I found this book. It was the only copy in the shelf of Fully Booked in High Street:
OMFG. Someone actually wrote an autobiographical account of her passion for crochet. Who does that? Well apparently, Mary Beth Temple did. And I love her for that. Here's what Mary Beth Temple had to say about the book:

"Hooked for Life is a celebration of what crocheting is to those of us who love it. Not an apologia to those who do not understand, for they probably never will. Not a defense of crochet, for it needs no defending. This book is a celebration of what is wonderful about the craft, nay, the art, of crochet. If you love crochet as I do, or at least have a yarny open mind, please read on. There is more to honor than to scorn, and I welcome you on my journey." 
- Mary Beth Temple (from the back cover of "Hooked for Life")
Mary Beth Temple
Darn. I love her. From a brief history of crochet to her personal take on crochet myths and her sentiments on various "crocheter issues," she allowed us to take a peek on the things that confront crocheters worldwide. I found myself relating with her. Here's an excerpt that I can so totally relate with:

"The lure of thread is powerful. For those who feel its call, there is nothing like it. You are the master of the tiny hook and the delicate thread; you can carry around a month's worth of crochet in the palm of your hand (unlike, say, an afghan junkie); you can use your crochet to beautify yourself and your home. And you will never be bored with your work because thread projects have endless stitch and pattern variations." 
-Mary Beth Temple (from "Hooked for Life," p.15)


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