Thursday 20 September 2012

Hermes Greenbelt 3 Display

I drooled when I saw the display of Hermes in Greenbelt 3. It wasn't because of the bags or the scarves. But the yarns. They hoarded yarns to wrap them around branches.
I don't really get it :) I'm not deep enough to understand the art behind it :p Basically, scarves and ties were placed on these "yarned" branches (or conspicuous trunks).
I wonder how much yarns they used for these displays.
Please contact me Hermes Greenbelt 3 when you decide to dismantle your displays :p It'll be such a waste if you just throw these yarns away. I can definitely make (more) beautiful things out of these yarns. Heck, you could have just asked me to crochet a tree for you than wrap yarns around branches (yes, the bitterness is showing because they can afford to use so much yarns) :p

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