Saturday 15 September 2012

I made a poem about crochet. I reached a new state of crochet being.

Forget about my portfolio of crocheted stuff or my affinity for yarns or even my desire to build a crochet empire. If you want proof that I (may) have a (sick) emotional attachment to crochet, this is it.

I made a poem about crochet. Yes, a f*#%^&*g poem. The kind that makes me want to crawl under the covers for when read again. But because I am shameless about it now and I think I have the street cred for it, here it is. Oh, by the way, this was made back in 2006 (I think). I was 23 or 24. Take note that I was stuck in my room and wasn't exposed to much sun when I was writing it. It's in Tagalog (don't expect me to translate if you can't understand it).

Here it is.


Bawat pasok sa butas
Dumadaloy sa mga daliring
Nananakit ngunit nangangailangan
Ng dahilan upang magpatuloy
Sapagkat walang saysay 
Ang pagtatangkang nag-uumpisa
Sa iisang hatak ng sinulid 
Kailangan panindigan
Ang nasimulan
Kahit kumikirot na ang kalamnan
Sa bawat pagdulas
Hanggang sa mabuo
Ang balabal 
Mula sa kawalan

And....there goes my pride :p

And....yes, I only realized that there was some "undertone" to it until my former English teacher pointed it out after reading it. So it isn't just a crochet poem after all. It's crochet porn :p Freudian slip manifested in the craft of maneuvering a hook and yarn with fingers.

I may have just reached a higher state of crochet being. Boo yeah.

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