Saturday 15 June 2013

Steady Sunday

It's a steady Sunday so I took a break from crochet work and crocheted something for myself. Yes, I still consider this a break :) Here's my crochet "selfie." And yes, I really crochet in that position.
I haven't crocheted anything for myself lately. After my silk encounter, I was determined to make things right by crocheting something pretty for myself again, using special yarn. I didn't want to experiment this time so I followed a pattern. These are the wares for my special project.
Interweave Crochet Accessories 2012, Susan Bates 6-Pc. Crochet Hook Set, Morris & Sons Estate 8Ply Wool Yarn
In my years of crocheting, I have never done a hat for myself, primarily because of the weather in the Philippines (hot or too hot). I figured I might be in a cold place someday and I would want to wear a kick ass hat I crocheted. After going through my "library" of  designs, I found this hat pattern called "Francie's Hat" by Sara Kay Hartmann in the 2012 Crochet Accessories issue of Interweave. It has a hipster-ish look to it. I don't know though if I can look hipster enough in it (forgive me, I'm 30, and maybe my definition of hipster is different).
It's just made up of chains and single crochets, but I like the ribbon accents on the side. I just started this today and so far, I'm 65% done (I think). I used my Susan Bates 4.0mm (G6) hook together with Morris & Sons' Estate 8ply yarn in Posey (8018) color. The yarn is 100% Australian wool (it's really warm!). It's good that this yarn had the same gauge (with the same size of hook) as the one in the pattern, so I didn't have to make adjustments.
I'm on my second skein of the yarn. I think the hat will be finished with this skein. If you're curious how I got the yarn, you can check out my post about it here. See the wrap on the upper left side of the magazine? Looks lovely, eh? I might work on that next. It's such a treat to have time and do something for oneself. I hope I can use the hat soon :) Will be posting the finished project within the week!

Happy steady Sunday, everyone! Keep creating!

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