Sunday 9 June 2013

It's Like Crocheting With Butter

Do you know how anything can taste good with butter? I mean, for me, anything with butter is a deal-maker. That's how I felt when I crocheted with 100% Silk. Dang. Let me say that again...100% Silk. Crocheting with pure silk is like crocheting with butter. It glides on your fingers like how semi-melted butter glides on your toast. It tastes good :p
These were given to me by my boyfriend when he visited Morris & Sons in Sydney in 2011. Debbie Bliss is more of a "luxury" brand of yarn. It has a sick selection of luxury fibers like silk, cashmere, wool and alpaca. I didn't know what to do with them. I was too scared to use them because they're just too good to be used. Won't you feel the same way if you had such luxurious yarn? You can just stare at them or go through them with your fingers and you'll already feel satisfied. You'll just want to have an altar for them :p Here's another glorious shot.
Blissful, yeah?

Ok, this is where the story takes a semi-awful turn. I took a deep breath one bored day and decided to unravel these hanks and make something. I was certain these 2 hanks alone cannot make a full scarf. But guess what, I tried to make a scarf anyway. I don't know what got into me. Once I started using the yarn, I couldn't stop. I didn't even care how my project would look like because it just felt like butter working with the yarn. It's like being possessed with the evil spirit of silky goodness. The silk made my hands keep crocheting without the help of my thinking brain.

I ended up with this. It's barely a scarf because it's only 35 inches long. This is probably the most luxurious sample I have. I'm gonna say it's just a sample now. The stuff you show to people how yarn translates into a crocheted piece, and is not necessarily something useful. Tsk :p
Awesome yarn. Not so awesome output. I wish I could have done something else. But here I am :p I don't even know where to begin if I want to point out the things I did wrong with this project. I just experimented on a pattern and tried to turn it into a scarf. And the result is something I will probably dismantle to make something else in the future.

Maybe I can make a beanie with this, so I can feel the buttery goodness of silk on my head.

To end this entry on a high note, let's go back to the awesome yarn this (not-so) scarf formerly was.


  1. I had the same feeling when my husband handed me over three hanks of 100% Cashmere. It was like. wow. really?
    and you just felt like gazing forever at them... :) Congrats. I am wanting pure silk but the silk i got, only 30% already slides smoothly (as in no friction) in my fingers that I feel very much content already. But soon... I would buy mulberry silk :D hehe..

    1. Hi Lorelie! Wow!!! I don't know what mulberry silk is, but it sounds yummy! Haha, yeah, you just want to keep the luxurious yarn and just stare at them with awe.

  2. i never tried any yarn other than , monaco, canon and red heart :( how much was the yarn????

    1. I didn't check coz it was a gift :) Considering it's silk, I think a budget needs to be set aside for it, haha.