Tuesday 4 June 2013

Last Day of Coffee, Cupcakes, & Crochet Workshop

It was me, Ivy, and Kim :) 2 of the workshop participants weren't able to make it but I liked how even more personal the workshop was for me. This got me thinking if I should do one-on-one sessions in the future.
Day 2 was more relaxed. The participants already knew the basic stitches and were confident enough to take on other projects. We did some Amigurumi.
Red Heart® and Cannon® provided our yarn for all 4 workshop sessions. Thank you, Red Heart® and Cannon®!!! We had a blast with your yarn! 
They looked amused :p Kim was so fast she already started working on a dolphin Amigurumi (after working on a cat). It was Ivy's first time to learn crochet and she looks really excited because she already managed to make basic Amigurumi shapes.
I had so much fun the past month teaching crochet in this kind of setting. It was my first time doing this kind of workshop and I hope I got some people hooked with this craft.
For other workshop schedules, you can check the "Workshops" tab here in my blog. You may also request for a private workshop at home with friends or family by emailing me at gantsilyoguru@gmail.com.

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