Wednesday 19 June 2013

Meet Sir Jae!

Meet Sir Jae. The first Filipino knight. He became a knight because he has a crocheted helmet. According to his uniform, he is also a Spice Girl Wannabe. That makes him one hundred million times British.
This helmet will keep Sir Jae warm in his travels. When he is not called by the Queen to defend the kingdom, he takes beautiful pictures. Seriously beautiful pictures.
Check out Jae's amazing portfolio here. He is a travel photojournalist. He is excited to wear this helmet on his next trip to Nepal. Or even Cambodia - even if it's hot - because he thinks it's kick ass :p

I crocheted this helmet but the original pattern is made by Cute & Crafty Crochet. It is available on Etsy. Check out my previous entry on this helmet here.

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