Thursday 6 February 2014

My Crochet Fixation For The Past Weeks

Years ago, I crocheted picture frames just for the heck of it. I didn't know why, but I got obsessed making these picture frames. I had no intention of selling them or had people in mind to give them to. I just made them. I think it reached around 50+ pieces.
The patterns for these frames came from the book "At Home With Crochet" by Leisure Arts Publication. This is the same book where I got the pattern for my 3D Christmas Tree. I used mercerised crochet cotton yarn for these.

I attached magnetic strips at the back of some frames so it can be placed on refrigerator doors. I gave most of them away as gifts. These frames can also be starched and hanged as decor (for a unique banner, perhaps?).

I got fixated on those frames for quite some time. I think I'm at it again - not with frames, but with cowls! I've been obsessively crocheting cowls lately. The recent cold weather might have influenced me to crochet these. It's hot in Manila now though, but I'm still crocheting them. I'm not even changing patterns. They all have the same pattern but I wanted to see how the pattern will look like in different kinds of Hamanaka wool yarn. They're super warm! Honestly, these cowls would only have use either in a very cold air-conditioned place or in any country with snow :p
Were you ever fixated on a crochet project? I'm trying to get out of this one by looking for a pretty next project for myself.


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