Monday, 17 February 2014

Can't Grow A Beard? Crochet One!

[Intro. Option 1] No beard? No problem!

[Intro. Option 2] Turn a boy into a man with a crocheted beard!

[Intro. Option 3] This is what a boyfriend gets from a crocheter girlfriend.

We don't really celebrate Valentine's day as a couple because the thought of going out on Valentine's day is quite stressful in itself, but I wanted to give him an "anti-Valentine" gift anyway. I checked out crocheted gift ideas for guys online and nothing quite fit Rob's personality. Then I thought, why not crochet a beard for him?

Yes, I know him that well that he would appreciate a crocheted beard. Here he is wearing his crocheted beard while drinking coffee. Fits perfectly.
Here he is with our friends. They don't look distracted at all. It looked...natural.
I used Morris & Sons Estate 8ply yarn, which is made of 100% Australian wool. I kind of cheated with the yarn because he gave that to me as a gift. I think I was able to put it into good use though.

I was inspired by the Crochet Beard pattern from Lion Brand. I had to wing it and didn't follow the pattern as is because of the adjustments needed with the yarn I have. The yarn suggested in the pattern is thicker than the one I had. I had more stitches per row and made more decreases, as needed. I wasn't able to jot down my own pattern because I got really into crocheting it (and I was so lazy to write it down).

This is what it looks like flat. It's just made up of single crochets.
Go ahead and give your man a crocheted beard! Because men like weird gifts.


  1. Bahahahahahaha this is just so stupid. Thanks for the laugh!!!!

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