Thursday 1 November 2012

I Think I Made a Badass 3D Christmas Tree

Because the wind feels a bit colder and more Christmas-y, I am finally revealing THE crochet project that started it all for me.

I was taught how to crochet in 3rd year high school in Poveda. The craft just clicked with me the moment I started making those chains and single crochets. I liked how I became so zoned out when I was practicing my stitches. So I decided to buy my very first (brand new and expensive) crochet book and crochet a pattern out of it. I wanted to challenge myself if I could do what that book was showing.
Honestly, I don't know why I chose the tree as the project to submit. I could have just given the doily seen on the cover (by the way, I did the doily, but I didn't submit it). I bought my yarn from DMC Megamall. I think I used the itsy-bitsy size 9 steel hook. Dealing with a small-sized steel hook (at the beginning of my crochet life) gave me the best training because overcoming small stitches made me a better crocheter. Bigger sizes of yarn seemed sooooo easy to deal with.

Without further ado, here's the tree...Kabammm!
I think it's been almost 13 years since 3rd year high school. This doesn't look bad at all after 13 years.   I starched it for my project submission in class but haven't washed it since then (ew). And no, it's not standing on its own. There's a cone under it that supports it.

What was your first crochet project?


  1. o e sobrang mukhang crochet talaga ah.. bakit indi tinanggap ng teacher mo nun.... gano kataas un ehhehehe

    My first project since picking up crochet on 2008 is a tapestry kitty bag that took 6 months to finish...

    1. Yeah, I saw your bag! Super intricate nga eh. My teacher eventually accepted it pero at first ayaw nyang maniwala na ako gumawa eh :p

  2. mine was a doily and my teacher in high school didn't gave it back to me. she just said i have good marks for it although she and my classmates ask me if i'm really the one who made it...too bad di na ako naggagantsilyo.. your Christmas Tree is really amazing

  3. wow! ang galing! back in grade school tinuruan lang kmi ng different stitches, walang project talaga. i want to learn again, so far hanggang double crochet lang kaya ko. been watching videos on youtube.