Monday 22 July 2013

Oooh, Baby (Sheen)!

Last week, I posted this work in progress of a vintage baby bonnet pattern using Red Heart's Baby Sheen yarn (yep, it's already available here in the country!).
I wanted to test this yarn. The label says it is 100% acrylic. It felt like cotton though! According to Red Heart, this yarn has a soft cottony feel (I agree) with the wash performance of acrylic and is perfect for light and lacy baby items. A skein of Baby Sheen yarn is approximately 281m (307yd) and weighs around 100g (3.5oz). The color I used for the bonnet is Pink (Color Code 700).

I just finished the bonnet today! Well, technically, the crochet part is finished. I still have to add lace ribbons. I still had so much Baby Sheen left so I decided to make bootees! I still have to add buttons on the side of the bootees though. Next week, I will be featuring these projects with their embellishments and with a baby wearing them :)
So I managed to make a bonnet and a pair of bootees and I still have some Baby Sheen left! I think the remaining yarn is still enough to be used to crochet another pair of bootees or some accents for the baby.

As promised to those who have seen my post on my Facebook Page, go to this LINK to get a copy of the bonnet's pattern (just zoom in to be able to read it clearly). With the Baby Sheen yarn, I used 2.5mm aluminum hook (equivalent to 4/0 Japanese and 12 UK/Canadian - no US size equivalent though). On the yarn label, the gauge used is done with US F5/3.75mm hook (check out my entry on how to read yarn labels HERE).

This booklet is my source of the pattern. Unfortunately, there is no mention of the creator of the pattern. This seems to be a common case among published crochet patterns especially those in the 1950s up to the 1970s. This was published by Patons and Baldwins, Limited (Toronto). I followed the pattern as is and did not make any adjustments to it. The pattern has instructions if you want the bonnet for a 3-month, 6-month, or 9-month old baby. I used the 3-month pattern here (but I think it can fit a 6-month).
"Beehive for Bairns" 
The baby bootees came from a free pattern by Ashlee of "I'm Topsy Turvy." I used Susan Bates Silvalium crochet hook size US F5/3.75mm for this. It's a simple pattern but an adorable one :) The pattern says that the output can fit size 4 feet.
Screen grab from:
I still have to add buttons on the bootees I made! I can't wait to see how they'd look like on a baby.

Red Heart Baby Sheen will be available in my soon-to-be-launched online store this August. But if you can't wait to get your hands on these skeins, you can just send me an email at or send me a private message at my Facebook Page.
Not in picture (but available in stock): Pistachio and Baby Blue. Home decor provided by Torch.
I have stocks of all the colors of Baby Sheen: Baby Blue, Lilac, Pink, Pistachio, Sunshine, Turquoise, and White. I love all the colors! It's tempting to make a granny square blankie out of these colors and use the white for the lining. By the way, the yarn labels on Baby Sheen have a free pattern on them!

A skein of Baby Sheen yarn is PhP 250.

I also sell another baby yarn from Red Heart called Baby TLC. It's like a "fluffier" and lighter acrylic yarn compared to Baby Sheen. Check it out HERE. I also have all colors!

I would like to thank Torch by Scentimentals, Inc. for providing the lovely setup with their home decor for the yarn. You will see more of their products in my website!


  1. I might have seen a skein or two of Baby Sheen floating around at VC Trading in Cubao - I thought about buying it, but didn't have the cash and couldn't find a good project for them :p Always good to know about projects for these new yarns!

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