Friday 19 July 2013

Gantsilyo in Health Today Magazine's July 2013 Issue!

You won't regret going through this entire post. A reward awaits you at the end of this entry :p

I want to give a shout out to Maan D'Asis-Pamaran for including Gantsilyo in her article, "Money-making Home-based Hobbies: Easy Business Ventures for Newbies" for Health Today's July 2013 issue! Thanks, Maan!

This is an excerpt of the article. Grab a copy of this issue and check out the entire article on pages 71-73. It features other home-based businesses (Gantsilyo included, of course)! I just gave a few tips on how you can jump-start your own crocheting business :)
Congratulations, here's your eye-to-eye moment with Mr. Ramsay :p This should be reason enough for you to get this month's issue.
Mr. Ramsay will not disappoint :p 


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