Monday 15 July 2013

Friends Finally Giving In To Crochet

It has to happen at some point. Some of my friends finally submitted themselves to crochet.
You know you're 30 when you spend a lovely Saturday afternoon at your friends' place, doing something that involves sitting, being quiet, and being happy that you are not socializing with strangers :p
Dudes are in the mix. That's what you call being confident with your masculinity. Rob, my very patient boyfriend, was happy he finally learned the things I've been teaching during my crochet workshops. This is in spite of him being present in most of those workshops. It's more fun learning crochet with others (then when people leave, you lock yourself up in your room and crochet to your heart's content).
Our hosts for the afternoon were Debbie and Enrik (bottom row of the pic above). It was fun teaching friends crochet. They understand me now :p
Gah, I wish I have this view every time I crochet. I wouldn't leave the bed, ever! I think Enrik found his own crochet corner. 'Til our next crochet session, friends!

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