Sunday 7 July 2013

One Year of Gantsilyo Guru

I only realized this morning, after checking my old blog entries, that this blog is a year old! I made my first blog entry on June 20, 2012 - "Crocheting is Cool. And I'm not a Grandma." It was on that entry that I debuted some of the flowers I crocheted from years of crocheting. I crocheted them just because, in spite of the amount of time I devoted to working (hard) in the corporate world, I found solace in making these things that were not even made for any specific use. I just loved, and still love, crocheting.
After "coming out" as a crocheter through this blog, I became more certain about the path I was going to take. I decided to finally live out my passion and make something great out of this. This is what I want and what I love to do :) Like, really :p
Seneca said that "luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." There were times when  I asked myself why I only started doing this at 30 (but I feel like 28 :p). My answer to that now is, had I started it earlier, I wouldn't have the confidence to teach, the guts and know-how to approach the business side of it, and the network to help me grow this craft. I think, so far, I've been lucky :)
In the past year, I've taught 100+ people, did a lot of challenging projects, wrote 150+ blog entries about crochet, and met a lot of kindred spirits in the crocheting world. I never thought crochet would be this happening!
I'm definitely looking forward to many more years of crocheting! I think crochet is here to stay. Well, it's always been there. Thanks to social media, it's gaining more fans especially here in the Philippines.

Peace out!

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