Tuesday 2 April 2013

Back 2 Basics: Mar30 Basic Crochet Workshops

It was an unexpected turnout for a workshop on a holiday.
Because they all showed up and decided to learn something new that day :) We had a morning session attended by 6 crochet-curious ladies.
Most of them were taught crochet in grade school or high school, but they needed a refresher after so many years of not picking up a crochet hook.
With the looks of it, I don't think they have plans of stopping crochet now :)
See? :p
The PM batch was a mix of beginners and "refreshers." There were 6 ladies and 1 guy. Yes, there's a guy :)
There's actually nothing new about guys crocheting or knitting. Check out the blog post I did about it here. By the way, ladies, Ryan Gosling knits :p
He can do no wrong :) He went with his girlfriend and decided to learn crochet. He really can do no wrong. And now, back to the ladies...
Crochet is a challenge in the beginning. It takes some time for you to "loosen up" to the grip and motion of crocheting, but when you do find your groove, you get the feeling that you can crochet anything!
After this workshop, I can proudly say that I have taught 65 people (so far) how to crochet. There's so much to share about this craft! I'm thankful for those who have attended my workshops. Sounds cliche, but they have taught me as well on how to be a better crochet teacher :) Thank you for the opportunity!
Keep crocheting!!!
Hep hep hooray for crochet!!!


  1. Hooray for crochet! :) May intermediate and advanced classes na ba?

    1. Lapit na, Vera! I'm still thinking about the "curriculum." Any inputs? :)

  2. wow i saw my former office mate, nicole learning to crochet. good job gantsilyoguru :)

  3. Thanks, Trey for the wonderful workshop! =)

    1. Thanks, Mia! Keep on crocheting and practicing ha! :p