Thursday 11 April 2013

Another "Amigurumirized" Group

It was a very "intimate" Amigurumi workshop last April 7 at Fully Booked.
Ces, Tatin, and Helen are fast crocheters :)
See the iPad on the bottom right above? It's showing an App that shows a photo of the pattern and it enables you to put stitch markings on it! The App is called "Skitch." Super useful App if you want to mark your patterns without ruining the actual copy! Thanks for sharing this, Tatin!
Marielle of Craft MNL also joined the group in crocheting! Check out the doily she is currently working on.
Amigurumi usually gives this "instant gratification" when you get to finish a major part of the plushie like the head. You see the project slowly taking shape. I also like it when you're putting in the fiberfill already, because you know you're going somewhere! :)
Happy crocheting, ladies! Looking forward to seeing your next Amigurumi!
For those who missed this session, I will be having another Amigurumi Workshop on April 20 (Sat) at Craft MNL. Go to this link for more details.

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