Monday 8 April 2013

Participants And Their Works

Proud crochet teacher showing the students' works. Of course, credit all goes to them. They just got their kick-start from the crochet workshops they attended. Crochet takes a lot of practice. You have to try different projects to discover different techniques. As time goes by, the seeming presence of the hook and yarn on your hands disappears - you get so used to the motion of manipulating these tools that they become extensions of your own hands as instruments of creation.

Here are some of the works they have done.

These are Mercy and Lorn's versions of the "Cute Kitten" pattern from Annie Obaachan's book, "Super Cute: 25 Amigurumi Animals." They even added scarves to the kittens!
Pictures c/o Lorn Laanan and Mercy Iso
Kristina made her own original amigurumi!
Picture c/o Kristina Cabochan
Gigi crocheted a bag! Wow! I love the colors! The crochet designer of this bag is Lucy of Attic 24. Check out her site. She has lots of colorful crochet going on!
Original bag design by Lucy of Attic 24
Vickie is also working on the crocheted bag. She's also did some flowers!
I'm dying to see what former crochet workshop participants have already done! If you've attended my workshop, share your crochet progress by posting it on my Facebook Page!

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