Saturday 30 March 2013

Hidden Crochet Projects: Ta-da!

I've crocheted a lot of things. I've crocheted so much I've already forgotten what I crocheted and where I placed or hid those stuff I crocheted. This past week, I found two.

I found this one in between pages of a crocheted book.
Pattern for this cross was taken from the book, "At Home With Crochet" by Leisure Arts, Inc. ("Quick Cross Bookmarks," p.112)
This is an unfinished cross bookmark. I used to give this away to friends back in college, I think. It's unfinished because it's supposed to have some gold border. This is made of mercerized cotton yarn.

This one's been hanging under a pile of scarves.
Pattern for this belt/scarf was taken from the book, "Easy Crocheted Accessories" by Carol Meldrum ("Skinny Beaded Scarf," p.104)
When I made this belt/scarf, I wanted to experiment with the little yarn I had back then. These are all local acrylic yarn. I haven't worn this. I guess it's pretty enough for my mannequin (for now) :p

I hope I discover more! I'm still actually looking for this crocheted pillow I gave to my mom. She said she might have thrown it!!! Ugh. I really don't get why she threw it. I hope it's not that ugly :p

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