Tuesday, 5 March 2013

These Hooks Are Made For Crocheting

I plan on making you all "hookers" by offering you this 12-pc. crochet hook set.

I am selling this set for Php 445 (price is already inclusive of delivery within Metro Manila). This set is cheap compared to international brands like Susan Bates or Boye, well, because they're made in China. I've tried these though and they're pretty functional. It's a good and practical buy for beginners who want to experiment with different kinds and sizes of yarn.
The sizes in this set are labeled in the metric system ("mm"). If you don't know by now, there are different ways hook sizes are labeled. There are the US and English conversions. For your information, you can check this link for the equivalent sizes of these hooks here.

Sizes are from 8.0mm (largest) down to 2.0mm (smallest).

Send me an email at gantsilyoguru@gmail.com if you are interested to purchase a set. Remember, having more hooks will allow you to have more creative freedom in crocheting :)


  1. Hi Ms. Trey! Are these aluminum or steel? I think it's the same set as mine. It's great for beginners because it's lightweight (if it's aluminum, compared to steel). I even placed rubber grips to make them more comfortable:

  2. I suddenly missed crocheting haayyyy

  3. my husband bought this crochet hook set as a surprise gift :) perfect for beginners tlaga . kaya lang yung isang hook ko may sabit kailangan lang pakinisin ng konti

    1. Hi Eyerin! I remember! Thanks for the feedback on one hook. Will double check as well :)

  4. hi available p ba ung 12 pc. set na crochet hooks!

  5. Hi! Are the hooks still availabl?

  6. Could you please post some pictures to show the crocheting styles that can be possible with these hooks so that everyone can get a better idea before buying?

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