Tuesday 13 November 2012

The Blog Entry on Unfinished Projects

I think every crochet blog has one entry about unfinished projects. This is my version.

I used to crochet a lot in-between jobs (or when I'm depressed). I've amassed a wealth of crochet projects. I've given some to friends and kept some for sentimental reasons. A probable "bane" in every crocheter's work space (or cabinet) is that looming sight of the unfinished work - because you lacked time, lacked the motivation or inspiration to continue, changed priorities, or simply got bored with it. It's that project you had so much drive to make but end up keeping on your shelf or hiding in a box because you don't want to see it anymore - because you dread the idea of not finishing it all.

Did that make sense? It's like catch-22 (my version at least). Because it's an unfinished project, you are obliged to finish it at some point but then you hide it to avoid being reminded of something that you have to finish. Thing is, every time you see that unfinished work on the shelf or that box where it is hidden, you feel an irk. That irk :p

So these are the 2 sources of my irk: an unfinished bag and unfinished bedspread. Pretty bigtime, huh?
See more of the 2 unfinished projects by clicking the link! Click click click!

The bag is an adaptation of a pattern from a crochet magazine. The original pattern has 6 square motifs. Mine only has 4. It actually already has a semblance of a bag. The blue cloth lining just has to be stitched and a strap just has to be attached. That's it. I did this back in...erm...2006? I don't remember, honestly. If someone gives me a cute leather strap for this, I'll finish it. Now that's my excuse for finishing it :)
Pattern for the bag is based on a pattern from the Spring 2007 issue of Interweave Crochet Magazine ("Larger Than Life Bag," p.77) and designed by Cecily Keim. Yarn used is merceried cotton.
The other unfinished project is my first bedspread (supposedly). I was aiming for a bedspread that can cover a king-sized bed. I think I've covered only a single-sized bed so far. It could count as finished but I'm still not satisfied with the size. I started this in 2009.
Pattern for the bedspread was taken from the book, "Better Homes and Gardens: White Crochet" ("Hexagonal-Swirl Bedspread," p.71). Yarn used is mercerized cotton.
I love the swirly design though. It has so much potential when it comes to color combinations. I don't know why I didn't make it colored. I guess it being my first bedspread, I wanted to play it safe with a plain and grandma-loving color.
The looming question is when will these projects be finished. I say, in time, my friend. In time :)


  1. That bedspread is amazing :-o I hope you get the inspiration to finish the projects soon! :)

  2. Good job on the bedspread, nice design too :)

    1. Thanks, Mimi! You can look at the design in 2 ways!

  3. A bedspread!!! And in thread too!