Sunday 4 November 2012

Good News Kasama Si Vicky Morales: Going Gantsilyo!

Gantsilyo in the limelight! Woot! Woot! The segment was shown earlier in "Good News Kasama Si Vicky Morales" on GMA News TV.

Got the (surprise) call more than a week ago about the feature on gantsilyo for this show. We shot my segment just last Monday. I'm happy that gantsilyo is being featured!

Here are some "behind the scenes" pics. Can't believe my more than a minute part took almost 5 hours to shoot! We shot the scenes in the La Mesa Ecopark.
All-out for all of my crocheted creations.
This is me attempting to explain how to make a crocheted flower petal. Since explaining and demonstrating a pattern on video can take so long, my line was practically reduced to just "crocheting a chain and single crochets" to make my spiel fit the limited air time.
The segment (on the last part) also debuted my crocheted African Flower Bed Throw! Although it was already shown in the video, I'm still holding back from showing pictures in its entirety (as if I have not killed the suspense already).
Thanks to the "Good News Kasama Si Vicky Morales" Team of GMA News TV for the feature! Thanks to my brother Genesis as well for being our impromptu production assistant for the shoot.
Here's the video! My segment starts on 0:34. You can also see my African Flower Bed Throw on 4:35. This segment also features crocheters Shannen Chua and Milli Reyes.
Another hooray for crochet! 


  1. Congratulations ang galing mo talaga:)

  2. Waahh!! the afghan throw looks amazing!!!! congrats trey! More power! You made crochet look fab on tv! :D same goes for everyone else featured :)

    1. Thanks, Lorelie! More power to gantsilyo!!! We all have the responsibility to make it look fab and cool! Ikaw din, you've been doing great!

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