Friday 9 November 2012

Panda Earrings Represent!

A friend asked me to make earrings for his friend. I said ok. But then he said he wanted panda earrings [insert the sound of crickets in the background].

I figured it could be boring if I just crochet a flat surface with white and black yarn to make it look like a panda, so I made a small amigurumi of a panda head.

I hope it somehow looks like a panda. I did my best :p
I didn't want to put eyes anymore. I tried but they looked weird on them. I guess the black and white color already suggests they're pandas (or chubby dogs).
Each head is a bit more than the size of a 5-Peso coin. It has some fiberfill in them for the chubiness. But they're light on the ears.


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  2. And i think that you have done a brilliant job! Is there any way to get them for myself? and do you take custom orders? Please let me know :)

  3. Hahah... That's so funny. I never heard a voice with any animal pattern jewelry. But It's very interesting. How she would feel like when she will wear them.