Tuesday 3 December 2013

Mad For Cowls: Made-To-Order Hamanaka Pieces

I am here to declare that the cowl is the new shawl :)

I'm a shawl girl. I like having something over my outfit especially when I'm in cold establishments. I also like having a shawl in my bag, just in case I may need it. It also changes my look if I'm wearing a plain outfit. 

Then I got drawn to cowls. They're like shawls that got connected on both ends. Check out this design by Hamanaka, from their 2012 catalog.
Photo belongs to Hamanaka from their 2012 pattern catalog (H105-962)
The draping differentiates it from a shawl. You can also change the look by twisting the cowl in the middle to wear it thickly enough to keep your neck warm (I don't know why she looks sad here).
This may come in handy for your cold-weather trips to Baguio or Tagaytay or even outside the country. Since I have Hamanaka yarn, I decided to crochet this design with, what else, Hamanaka yarn! I don't have the yarn in the picture with the model, but I have 2 delicious yarn that go well with this design.

This one is made with Cornetto (color 6) yarn. Nice, noh? The color has some shimmer to it and the variegation between colors are subtle - a characteristic I noticed of Hamanaka yarn with some variegation in colors. When laid flat and already folded into a cowl, the length is almost 23 inches. This will go longer once the cowl is worn over the neck because of the stretching of the yarn. I can attest to the lightness of this cowl as well.
The one below is made with Hamanaka's Rich More Percent Gradation, in color 206. The yarn is a bit thicker than the Cornetto and the length is longer at around 27 inches, when laid flat as a cowl. As usual, the color variegation is impeccable. 
Both of these pieces are available on sale. Just in case these aren't available anymore, we also offer them as made-to-order items and we're also giving you the option to choose from these available yarn and colors (subject to availability):
Cornetto Yarn 
50% Polyester, 28% Acrylic, 15% Nylon, 7% Wool
Percent Gradation Yarn
100% Wool
Colors: 206 (Left), 207, Right: 213

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