Sunday 1 December 2013

Gantsilyo in Global Entrepreneurship Week at Miriam College

I got invited by the Society of Junior Entrepreneurs of Miriam College to give a small talk in a forum on entrepreneurship. It took place last November 18. I was surprised by the invitation, to be honest, because I've only been in business for less than a year. Part of me wanted to also share my experience so far so that my audience can be "inspired" to be young entrepreneurs.
I told them my crochet story and how I got here from being a corporate gal.
I was so nervous before going in front of the students. It's like presenting and being graded for something in front of your class and teachers :p Surprisingly, the nerves left when I started to talk.

There were other speakers as well. A short Q & A portion took place after all the talks.
Cheers to more young entrepreneurs and thank you for inviting me!

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