Friday 27 December 2013

Last Crochet Workshop of 2013! More to Come in 2014!

I held my last crochet workshop for the year last Dec. 14 at Pipino Vegetarian in Quezon City. It was a full workshop! The group was a mix of beginners and those who want to refresh their crocheting.
I can't believe this was my 28th crochet workshop in 2013! I'm really happy I get to share this craft with others.

Crochet may have a hard start; but with practice, holding a yarn and hook can eventually feel natural. In time, the yarn strewn across your fingers and the hook you are holding with the other hand will just feel like extensions of yourself. They become part of you and there's nothing to be seen or felt but the creation taking shape in front of you.
Most of the time, my crochet workshops end up like some sort of crafty hangout. We crochet and exchange stories at the same time. And of course, there is that goal of making the quintessential granny square.
Now, go forth and crochet some more, ladies!
I have already been getting inquiries for crochet workshops in 2014. You can find this calendar being updated for upcoming workshops HERE. I already plotted workshop dates for the 1st quarter of 2014. The dates and cities are already final. Specific venues in these cities will be announced later.

This kind of workshop is for beginners and is a good introduction to crocheting. I will only be accepting 6 participants for each workshop schedule. Fee is P1,500, which is inclusive of a crochet starter kit made up of a Susan Bates Silvalium crochet hook, a sampler set Red Heart Super Saver, a yarn and thread cutter, patterns, and illustrated stitch guide. Snacks will also be served. Our goal is for you to make a granny square motif (as seen on the picture above). This is a simple but classic crochet motif piece that is friendly to beginners.

To register for the workshop and to secure your slot this early, please fill up the form below:

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